In a "nut-shell", FreX is a sophisticated software program that provides a database of disorders, along with frequency treatment programs. FreX provides one of the worlds best audio computer function generators and will transmit frequency programs out the computer's audio system for further amplification and therapy.

FreX16 software serves researchers in numerous ways ...

1. On its own with computer speakers Frex16 provides acoustic therapy in two modes.
   a) Atmospheric pressure waves acting on the whole body and skin.
   b) Audio signals acting on nerves and hearing via the mind (sound therapy).

   Both these applications could be termed similar to Homeopathy where the body is given instructions and is gently
   guided back to wellness and health.

2. A popular mode of use is where FreX16 is hooked up to a biological amplifier and skin touch electrodes are used to deliver power directly to the body. See the PFA amplifier.

3. Researchers have wound custom coils and constructed scalar antenna to transmit frequencies via quantum application. These are usually referred to as specialist radionic devices and are well received in the Homeopath community. Often a persons nails or hair are used and placed in a weak signal and frequencies are transmitted via a mode called quantum entanglement and/or entrainment.

4. FreX16 is used to run specialized Radio Frequency plasma transmitters. These are expensive "field effects" generators and will provide therapy to a whole room of people. Plasma transmitters are very popular for USA researchers and are becoming more common in use through Europe, which traditionally embraces skin touch contact devices.

FreX main form, database access and editing with sophisticated Program Management features.

  • Search functions allow us to search the database by Description, Comments or Frequency, and closeness to a frequency.

  • Multiple frequency programs can be sent to a temporary "buffer" where they can be easily combined to make one program.

  • The Program Manager allows for sorting of the frequency program, individual editing of frequencies and ON times (dwell), adding, editing or deleting indivudal frequencies, automatic removal of duplicate frequencies, and capping the frequencies so they are changed to work under a specific frequency ceiling.

  • Comprehensive information is available in the FreX menu Help>Help and Tips where all features of FreX are covered.


When we have finished crafting and saved our program, or just running an exisiting program from the FreX database, then we are ready to run it.

  • The FreX RUN MODE form offers further enhancements and program options, many of which can be performed in Real Time while the program is running. No other software or function generator offers these dynamic features.

  • When coupled with the PFA series amplifiers, then we can view the sprectrum and the oscilloscope display of the signal going through the body. Again, this is unique to FreX and the PFA series ampliers. No more guess work wondering if your device is working, and sitting for months with dead electrodes on the body.

  • We can click anywhere in the frequency table as it counts down, to jump to any frequency we want to.

  • We can also explore frequencies close to the ouput frequency, this is handy when a hit is experienced and we want to receive extra benefits of being able to explore a hit frequency. Again, totally a unique feature in FreX that no other device can offer.


Comprehensive Logging of all dates and times of programs run are easily viewable.


A frequency conversion tool is available that allows us to convert any frequency into the audio spectrum and displays both binary and scalar conversions.


FreX Sweep function allows us to output a series of frequencies commonly called "sweeps" where we start from a low frequency and step throup a range of frequencies to the top frequency. Again we have the unique ability to view these sweep harmonic effects in "real time" as the signal passes through the body, when used with the PFA series amplifiers.


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