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  1. Will FreX Work On Unix, MAC, Vista Computers
  2. FreX and Moon Cycles
  3. Running Multiple Frequencies
  4. Run Time Errors - HEEEEEEELP!
  5. FreX on 64 bit Windows
  6. FreX runs intermittently on my computer


  1. Will FreX Work On Unix, MAC, Vista Computers

    Yes, Yes, and Yes. FreX 16 version 101101 installs and works well on Unix, MAC and Windows environments. For Unix, FreX installs into the "WineHQ" virtual manager and for MAC's you will require the VMWare emulator.

    FreX is developed on Microsoft Windows XP with Microsoft Visual Studio 6 software development system.

    Information for running FreX on Windows7 64 bit

    Guide for running FreX on MAC computers.

    ubuntu - a unix family operating platform (free and stable). Will require to run FreX in the WineHQ environment which comes with the ubuntu install. WineQH to stay up to date.

    If you see a message when installing FreX, MMTools OCX Installation, Unable to copy MMTYPESX2.OCX to Systemdirectory. Then this can be dismissed, it means these tools are already installed into your system32 folder. For windows installs above windowsXP, then make sure you are logged on in administrator mode and right click the frex install program to install under 32bit comparability mode, if available.

    If you are re-installing FreX into Vista, and see a message, Unable to copy MMTOOLSX2.OCX to Systemdirectory, then this means MMTOOLSX2.OCX is already installed in this folder and FreX will work. [Back to the top]

  2. FreX and Moon Cycles

    It has been advised by experienced Rifer's to not run frequency sessions when the moon is in its full cycle.

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  3. Running Multiple Frequencies

    A regular question I get asked is will FreX be upgraded to run multiple frequencies?

    While we can play multiple frequencies and hear them via the computer audio system, when we condition the signals and modulate them together, the output to the body via plasma systems or electrodes does not reflect anything close to the original frequencies.

    Here is oscilloscope displays of what happens.

    783Hz 880Hz
    783Hz square wave (nice and stable) 880Hz square wave (nice and stable)
    783Hz and 880Hz Mixed Togther
    When we modulate (mix) 783Hz with 880Hz we get an output that jumps
    around made up of many unknown frequencies.

    Some of the square waves are somewhere in-between 783Hz and 880Hz
    while others are much higher, and other lower.

    The output is unpredictable and not used by the top experts in this
    field of research. It would be difficult for resonance to occur.
    However, there would be a good placebo effect :-)

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  4. Run Time Errors - HEEEELP!

    The most common cause for Run Time errors are FreX installations into Windows 7 or 8 and the person has not logged into windows in administrator mode. This is vital to get FreX working on these platforms. If FreX is giving you Run Time errors then uninstall it, delete the FreX folder, reboot windows and log in as the administrator, then right click on the FreX icon and select the windows XT/32 Bit comparability mode. All should go fine with the install now and we should see the end of run-time errors.

    Also, much help has been experienced with running a CCleaner on your computer, and using the registry checking system that comes with it to scan for windows registry errors.

    This is easy and free and your Windows and installed software will work more faster and reliable.

    Procedure to Follow

    • Download CCleaner from Piriform. Run the cleaner and registry fix tools.
    • Uninstall FreX
    • Navigate to the FreX folder, usually "C:\Program File\FreX16" and delete folder and all files.
    • Restart Windows in ADMINISTRATOR mode
    • Install FreX and all should be fine.
    • Let me know if it is not fine.

    • I use Avast free anti-virus and malware scanning software to protect my online computer.

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  5. FreX on 64 bit Windows

    After downloading FreX and prior to installing FreX on your computer, you need to make sure you are logged into your Windows as the administrator.

    Right click on the FreX icon of the download file and in the menu that pops up, goto the Properties settings.

    In the Properties section, goto the Compatibility section and select XP Mode or 32 bit mode.

    When running FreX, make sure you are logged in as the administrator and all will work well for you.

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  6. FreX runs intermittently on my computer

    Malware and Adware are usually not a critical scan for virus scanners, as people have been tricked into installing Malware or Adware onto their computer. This software tracks you computer operations and when online will report your activity to advertisers who can better target advertisements to you from your purchase history and the programs you run on your computer.

    Malware and Adware programs run multiple levels of computer interrupts. You probably wont notice these programs running, unless you have many of them installed on your computer, in which case they will just slow down your computer's performance. Not a real issue today with the fast computers, until you come to FreX software that requires a pretty clean and interrupt free computer to work. Too many Adware or Malware interrupts on FreX and it will simply stop working, and may even become corrupt, requiring a full un-install and re-install to remedy.

    If when visiting the FreX web site, pop-up adds appear, then your computer is infected and you have been tricked into installing Malware or Adware software on your computer as the FreX web site has zero advertising and zero pop-up ads.

    Fortunately there is a free program that you can use to check for Malware and Adware on your computer. While it is not the total solution, it does get most of them. MalwareBytes

    Nothing beats keeping a list of your Windows Installed software so you can periodically view the installed list of software and remove anything you don't want there.

    Other free software to help manage and keep clean your computer are the Prirform CCLeaner which is used to empty cache web browsing files, remove cookies, and check your windows registry, and fix and repair any problems it finds.

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